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May 26 2015

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May 12 2015

November 13 2014

Da ich heute Morgen erst die Regenbogenfassaden hatte, hier Ähnliches an einer Hamburger S-Bahn. Katja Windau hat dieses Exemplar gestern vor die Kamera bekommen. Etwas dunkel sicher da drin, aber von außen doch recht hübsch anzuschauen.
via Farbgebomte S-Bahn in Hamburg | Das Kraftfuttermischwerk
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October 09 2014

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Someone sprayed a knob and bollocks onto a $1.5 million car


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September 30 2014

trainbombing (Berlin Hauptbahnhof)
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September 12 2014

Installation of 150 fake security cameras on building facade with the intention of not watching over anything.
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July 28 2014

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July 01 2014

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June 15 2014

June 01 2014

May 23 2014

Überhaupt stört Waste die Tendenz, Graffiti in künstlerischer Hinsicht zu kategorisieren: "Da kommt dann Boboville und will urteilen, was Kunst ist und was nicht. Graffiti-Writing kann Kunst sein, muss es aber nicht. Man wartet auch nicht auf die Bestätigung pseudoalternativer Bürgerlicher". Graffiti sei nicht regulierbar und eben unbequem.
Vergänglich und unbequem -
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March 09 2014

February 07 2014

November 04 2013

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December 21 2012

October 13 2012

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August 20 2012

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July 31 2012

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March 29 2012

5. (C) The PSB handling of the final two Tibet protest activities departed from the pattern described above. During the evening hours of August 19 and early morning hours of August 20, the PSB took into custody six Amcits associated

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with the group Free Tibet reporters. The group included James POWDERLY, a renowned graffiti artist, who was planning a Free Tibet laser exhibition in Beijing. Shortly after midnight on August 21 a final two SFT members were detained after unfurling a Free Tibet banner near an Olympic venue. In these cases the PSB, rather than deporting the detainees the same day, took the detainees to a PSB detention center (Note: All previously detained SFT members were held at a hotel or work unit until being deported.) and sentenced them to ten days administrative detention. After high-level engagement by the Embassy (to include the Ambassador meeting with Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Yecui, the Deputy Chief of Mission with PSB Standing Deputy Director General Xue Dongzhen and the Consul General calling on Deputy Director General of the Consular Division Qiu Xuejin), the six Free Tibet Reporter activists and the two SFT members were released on August 24. Interestingly, whereas all SFT activists were detained while staging protests, the six Free Tibet Reporters activists were picked up by the PSB before having a chance to carry out a protest. It appears the authorities discovered the plans of the Free Tibet Reporters activists and decided to take them into custody to prevent them from carrying out their planned protests.

Just in case you didn't know.
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